MSMQ Inspector

MSMQ Inspector - Core Features...

  • List and inspect messages of various formats
  • Find text in messages
  • Delete individual messages
  • Export and import message data
  • Simulate load, duplicate, modify and resend messages
  • Monitor Queues with Graph View
  • Use - and even develop - custom plugins to extend or change the behaviour of the application (
  • Even More...
Please note that due to MSMQ reaching end of life in 2019, the MSMQ Inspector product is running in a simplified support model and no longer available for purchase.

License details in brief

  • Purchase of a license is perpetual, all future upgrades for the product are included
  • An individual license allows you to use the product on a server, a development machine and a laptop for example.
  • I need several licenses (less than 10), how do I do this? Email us at msmqinspector "at"
  • If you are a small team (less than 20) have many servers running the software and/or many users, consider a team license
  • If you are a larger team or seveal teams that have many servers running the software and/or many users, consider a site license
  • If you are a large national or international company and have way too many have many servers running the software so many users you don't want to count them, consider a global license

Premium Edition

Some features are:

  • Connecting to remote MSMQ services
  • Exporting multiple message bodies to file (standard allows single messages at a time)
  • Importing and exporting binary messages
  • Bulk pasting of messages (great for simulating system load)
  • Graph View (systems and test monitoring)
  • Custom Plugins - create your own viewers etc
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